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Touch screen terminals can now be found in a large number of businesses. The windows based operating system can be more prone to freezing or crashing usually at your busiest times. Terminals from Vectron, Quorion and Uniwell have addressed these problems and do not use a Windows based operating system.

They do not have the high ever increasing cost of  software support and yearly licence fees which seem to be part of most computer based systems.


Vectron use their own operating system that has the feel of Windows but is considerably quicker. The software on all these products starts quicker, is more reliable and there is no need for costly system training for new staff. This makes the cost of ownership  considerably lower than that of a PC based system.


Quorion uses the Linux Operating System which is found on most internet servers. This is a very robust operating system that runs an application written by Quorion which controls all the functions of the terminal. Quorion also provided a free, simple to use utility software package.


Uniwell use their own EPROM based system.

Vectron Quorion Uniwell quorion-4 1 HX-5500-1