Johnsons Cash Registers

& EPOS Systems

We stock a range of plain and thermal rolls. We can also supply paper rolls for laundry applications.


Many of the Cash Registers will take a larger paper roll than is advertised elsewhere on the internet. We supply the correct size rolls as a consequence you can expect to get upto TWICE the length of paper but not at twice the price. It makes the internet suppliers job easier as they only have to carry one product so they pick the smallest that will fit all.


Paper tension can also have a dramatic effect on the amount of paper on a roll . So you need tightly wound paper rolls that don't feel spongy when pressed.


Grade 'A'  paper is required for mini printers because the paper dust from the cheaper rolls will clog the printer and you will have to have it cleaned which costs . So any saving is lost.


We can order none stock sizes from the mill.


If you require large quantities please contact us


We can deliver paper rolls in and around Nottingham. All we ask is that you have at least three boxes. These do not have to be the same size so you can mix till rolls and PDQ rolls in the same order. We try to deliver the next working day but don't be suprised if they turn up sooner.


We can take card payments over the phone for deliveries or you can pay cash when we deliver your order.



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