Johnsons Cash Registers

& EPOS Systems

We not only sell cash registers and epos equipment we also have equipment for rental. To stay ahead of the competition you need the right tools to manage and operate your business. At Johnsons we can provide the right equipment at an affordable rental price including full maintenance & support.


We have been supplying cash registers and epos systems for over 80 years to businesses throughout the East Midlands and have been renting equipment to businesses for the last 40 years. We are not a finance company we supply and maintain the equipment ourselves.

Need New Equipment ?

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Benefits of Renting Equipment


• It frees up your cash flow

• Ensures you have the right equipment at the right time

• Keeps your credit options open

• 100% tax deductible as a business expense

• Includes maintenance and support for as long as you rent

• Provides an upgrade path as your business grows or needs change

• A deposit maybe required for long term rentals.