Johnsons Cash Registers

& EPOS Systems

A very simple concept. The design of the software is such that it can be used in a number of different enviroments. It has all the facilities to run a busy Restaurant or Dry Cleaners, Hair Dressers or Bar. It is available in four Screen sizes 8", 10", 12" and 15".


Of all the Touch Screen Terminals we have seen this has to be the one . Simple Utility Software ( Free ) completes the package . You can communicate with the QTouch Terminals via the Internet or on a local network. They support network printers and can use their own local printer for reports etc.


A typical configuration is two QTouch Terminals with cash drawers and a thermal receipt printer for reports and a kitchen printer for food orders.


An android application is also available for table service. Visit Quorion Website for details.


With its Linux Operating System and Quorion Designed Software it is a complete package from one source rather than a number of packages from many sources.


Call or visit our Showroom for a demonstration .

quorion-1-sml url Android-Man QTouch8-2 qt15b-large